Sept. 2022


Brest Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness week, the guys are all dressed in pink. They talk about the new "View Rule" being instigated here at the ACE Broadcasting Network, and Don declares war on a fellow ACE podcast, "Daves of Thunder".

The guys try to get Perry to talk about the lawsuit against his family and find out Perry’s favorite Italian foods. They also reminisce about making spaghetti at Perry’s house, and talk with Donny about breaking a table in the recording booth.

Everyone starts flipping through a JC Penny catalog to raise awareness for breasts. They then slip into Guy Talk, where Perry talks about having sex with a playmate and re-enacts how he seduced her. They also take a call from Mr. Adams, who informs them of the progress of their upcoming exercising video.

Wrapping up the show, in a segment of Perry’s Corner, Perry talks about having the hots for Jersey Shore star Snookie, and the guys consider what would happen if Perry’s daughter started dating Don.

Perry’s Anger Management Exercise

The Big Three Podcast was highlighted by Perry singing once again to the show's new friend and recently rescued Chilean miner, Juan. Don discovered that Dave Dameshek from the “Dave’s Of Thunder” podcast has tried to sabotage the show by putting up photos of Perry receiving oral and anal online. Sol Steinbergowitzgreenbaum’s leg injury from Perry’s attack is worse than everyone thought and has Perry go through an anger management exercise.

The Big 3 Podcast Premiere

Welcome to the premiere of “The Big 3 Podcast”! Don Barris, Walter “Mole” Molinski, and “Scary” Perry Caravello make up “The Big 3”! Best known for their 2003 cult classic film “Windy City Heat”, and the number one rated public access show in America are back together again.

First Anniversary

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