Alter Ego

Perry comes to the podcast in a great mood because the podcast is back. He drops a bombshell saying that the Javahoes believe that Satan The Devil controls the world and then tells us about a bunch of characters he’ll be introducing, which all happens before the opening song is over. The guys also talk about the upcoming “Windy Weekend”. Eavesdrop on the Big 3 as they make plans for the big weekend this October.

Bosses Upstairs Are Pissed

The guys face the music, after last week’s podcast from the van, with The Bosses From Upstairs setting some new rules that could end with the bosses upstairs pulling the plug on the podcast, but Perry denies doing anything wrong. Perry tries to pray to the little puppy that Don brought to the podcast, and the guys want to know why they aren’t invited to Perry’s moving party and Perry says he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as John Lennon

Year of The Cat 

After once again breaking the “What The Huck” rules, Perry lets it be known how he would handle the Boston Marathon Bombers while Don & Mole wish that Tim Perpedic was still around. For some reason, Perry wants to go on a date with Don that he respectfully denies & Hugh A. Craig III buys the rights to the name "The Comedy Pure Rock Resurrection" and gives it to Don as a gift to use as he pleases.

Brownie Bites

Perry starts the podcast by trying to straighten Don and Mole out about his Javahoe Religion. Then, The Scaremaster, tells tales of a typical shopping day at his favorite store, Costco. Don stands up for Perry by letting the audience know that they should stop the juvenile games they are playing by giving out his address. A masterful job was done using a “Brownie Bite Extension” to make it one of the BEST “Perry’s Sexcapades” ever.

It Ain't Quittin

Perry admits to lying in court, to the judge, when trying to get the time of his trial time switched so he can make it to the podcast and he pays tribute to, fellow movie reviewer, Roger Ebert. Don and Mole try to figure out a way to say Perry’s address so he doesn’t become upset and Perry is looking for money to replace his ripped cargo shorts.



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