May 2023





A Very Big 3 Christmas


Don opens by talking with Perry about last week’s Terrifying Tim audition. Perry is sick as a dog, but Don yells at him anyway for trying to charge a fee for being here and for his bad language in general. Mole wishes everyone Merry Christmas from places around the world, and Don introduces a new sponsorship campaign.

Intern Burt Ward returns for the holly jolly episode and brings presents for the guys. He also talks about his career since Windy City Heat and hints at his personal life outside the show. The guys also do a round of Guy Talk, where Perry talks about the girls you’d never guess he’d want to have sex with.

Don announces two upcoming episodes in Perry’s apartment, much to Perry’s chagrin. The guys also discuss their favorite Christmas memories and play a North Pole theme round of Mole Play. Wrapping things up, Perry rails against Dameshek in Perry’s Corner, and attempts to sing Back in Black with a sore throat.

The Hanukkah Show


Don talks about the continuing Dameshek crisis and explains the need for advertising on the program and Mole comes up with a couple of clever advertising ideas.

Don and Mole announce the official Hanukkah Toy Drive. Perry, however, doesn’t believe in the holiday, says his debt is high, and refuses to buy anyone gifts. John Quincy Adams calls in and the guys tell Jewish jokes and light a menorah. The gang plays dreidel with Saul Stienbergowitz Greenbaum and former assistant Burt Ward

Perry complains that he doesn’t feel good, and wants to leave early. Mole tries to figure out his symptoms, which escalates to Perry getting hysterical while Burt tries to calm him down with a massage. The guys then attempt a special Hanukkah edition of Mole Play, and Perry struggles to get through Perry’s Corner.

Best of The Big 3 Podcast


This week on The Big 3, Don, Mole, and Perry present their very first Best Of show. The guys introduce some clips, even though Perry is still sick.

Shrink Rap

Perry gives Don’s phone number to two kids. When Don finds out he brings in a specialist to try and find out why Perry keeps doing things like this. At one point, during the podcast, Perry threatens to NOT do the Big 3 Holiday show, but that has been straightened out and he WILL be doing the show.



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