January 2021

Managing Miranda


At the top of the show, Mole frantically explains where he’s been the last week and how the Mole Play Home Game ultimately saved his life. Don explains that Terrifying Tim is now personally involved in some well-known international political affairs, and the guys have to explain to Mole that Osama Bin Laden is now dead.

Next up is a brand new segment: "Interesting Things We Didn’t Know About Perry". The guys discuss Perry’s involvement as the manager to an up-and-coming actress, and he also clears up some messages being exchanged over Facebook. Since the show was recorded the Friday before Mother’s Day, the guys also talk to Perry about his Mom.

During this week’s Guy Talk, the Big 3 reflects on watching a mud-wrestling match and find out more about Perry’s new client. They also spend time catching up with Perry as he’s about to go into surgery. There’s an intense round of Mole Play, and as the show wraps up, and Perry gets emotional about his mother and daughter during "Perry’s Corner".

The Worlds Best Podcast

Don reminds everyone that this will be the second to last episode at ACE Broadcasting, and unfortunately Mole has had another incident and is now

staying at a rehabilitation center. The guys then talk about Perry’s dad, and

Don makes Perry apologize for his homophobia during an ad read. Later.

Perry’s agent Hank Greenberg and his assistant, Becky Romaine, drop by later. Hank reminds Perry to keep his priorities straight, as mandated by the

contracts they all signed, and Becky talks to Don about her mom’s

obsession with bald men. John Quincy Adams also calls in to give an update on Mole.

In the final part of the show, the guys allow Becky to help out with Guy Talk,

and Mary Jane assists during a quick round of Mole Play. The show wraps up

with Perry’s Corner, where the guys talk about the latest updates on the Bean Town Heat project.

The Liar

Perry lies by saying that he went up to Big Bear using the Lord as an excuse

after not showing up for a podcast taping. Perry’s unprofessionalism could

bring the Big 3 to an end.

Perry has a lot of apologizing to do because he lied about going on a

spiritual retreat in Big Bear, rather than show up to record the show.

Don’s faith and spirituality prevent him from killing Perry for missing it.

Prevaricating Perry tries to admit his lie but keeps getting interrupted to

hear about all the people and investors he upset, including Nathaniel,

the young boy Perry inadvertently killed.

Seemingly apologetic, at first, Perry soon resorts to casting aspersions and

blame on Salvador, who he claims is out of the picture for good, this time.

Perry finally admits that he lied and, with his shrewd business acumen on

full display, he explains that he paid Salvador $500 for a rap song. He

attempts to make amends with the listeners by sharing the recipe for his apartment-style pasta and apologizing for not being funny…today.

Rucka Rucka Ali 


March 2, 2012


Perry’s long-time arch-enemy, Rucka Rucka Ali is brought into the podcast

as a surprise by Don trying to get both parties to end their feud.

Rucka makes podcast history and does an acoustic version of the rap classic,

“Yo Perry!” that has to be heard.


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