June 2022


Roc-Tober Fest Recap

Perry didn’t wear a Halloween costume which ruined any celebration for the big holiday, but later in the podcast had no problem keeping the entire winnings of a lucky lottery ticket sent in during the "$10 Shout-Outs". The guys recap their appearance during “The Ding-Dong Roc-Tober Fest” marking only the second time they’ve performed LIVE on stage since the mid ’90s and what a time they had.

Don's Lips

The Pod-Bosses send a message from upstairs that sends a chill into the Big 3 as they talk about getting the reality show together … We also find that Perry loves Don’s lips.

The HN Diet

Mole recaps the diet he’s been on since returning from Rio and claims that he doesn’t remember that he wasn’t here last week, and Don and Perry are very concerned for his health. During the "$10 shout outs", a letter is read from a Canadian listener, and the guys act out the latest spot for ASM Plumbing.

Later, Perry is asked a very tough hypothetical question, and the guys take another concerned phone call from John Quincy Adams. Neil Leeds swings by, and the guys discuss possibly adding a sleepover party element to the podcast that will be taped at one of Neil’s stores. They then wrap up the show with "Mole Play", and another intense edition of "Perry’s Corner".

Back In The Stu-Stu-Studio

The Big 3 comes back to the Simply Don – The Podcast Network studio after Perry took some time off to goof around and get a neck operation. The guys start the podcast by discussing everything about Perry’s “Broken Neck Ordeal”, then the guys get caught up with all the $10 Shout-Outs while Perry steals money from a dead child by eating an entire pie.

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