September 2021

What’s Next? (Part One)

November 29, 2013

Perry uses his skills that he learns as a DAP to get some answers from Don Barris about Dons relationship with JQA, but Don agrees but only as long as there is a little quid pro quo with Perry answering a few questions that Don has for him.

Perry scammed Don and Mole out of their cut of the skateboard money Perry took in and this may be the end of the Big 3 because of it.

Don has not received the money from the Windy Weekend yet, but he did recieve a $1000 loan from a friend. He knows that Mole and Perry are currently hurting for cash, so he is willing to give the $1000 to Perry in exchange for eating a cherry pie. Perry says he's not allowed to due to an upcoming colonoscopy. If Perry sticks to his guns and refuses, the money then goes to Mole.

During $10 shout outs Perry denies that he ever threatened MaryJane which is quickly proven wrong with audio evidence.

To be continued.....


May 26, 2011

At the top of the show, the guys discuss Perry’s upcoming surgery at long last. They take a surprise call from Terrifying Tim, who updates them on his new documentary project and skateboarding company. Perry and Tim hash it out about who copied whose career, and Perry lays down the law for how Bean Town Heat should be cast.

Mole announces there’s been a surge of Moleventions, including an item inspired by Perry. The guys also read Perry’s will, in case he dies in the hospital. Guy Talk is up next, followed by Perry’s 60 Seconds and a heated round of Mole Play. The show wraps with Perry’s Corner, where Perry explains just what the Big 3 means to him.

Pulled The Plug

February 17 2012

Tragedy has hit the podcast. Sonny "Cookie" Caramello (Perry's father) had his plug pulled earlier in the week. His health is now failing and it had the Big 3 talking about their raw feelings.

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